Tioman Island
One of the Beautiful
Islands in the World
Nice and easy diving
in clear water and
beautiful coral reefs.
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About Tioman

Tioman lsland (Pulau Tioman, in Malay Language) Malaysia is the largest of the 64 volcanic islands in Malaysia and situated in the east coast of Malaysia. The island was selected as one of the beautiful islands in the world Time Magazine in 1970’s.

Based on a legend, Pulau Tioman Malaysia is the home of a dragon princess. The princess was flying from China to Singapore to see her prince. On the way to Singapore, this beautiful princess stopped by the charming South China Sea. She fell for the beauty of the place and decided to end the journey there. She took the shape of an island to provide comfort and shelter to the travellers passing by.
The most suitable time to visit Pulau Tioman Malaysia is between the months of March and October. From October end to March beginning, monsoon starts in the island and most of the resorts will be closed during these months. Avoid visiting the island during public and school holidays in Singapore as Tioman Island is the favourite holiday spot of Singaporeans.
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