Tioman Island
One of the Beautiful
Islands in the World
The most suitable time to
visit Pulau Tioman Malaysia
is between the months of
March and October.


Tioman Island Malaysia is one of the best known for being a best diving destination in Malaysia. Other than diving there are plenty of activities a tourist can do on the Island. Some of the recommended things to do in Tioman are listed below.

Goft on Tioman

Golf lovers are in luck as there’s a first rate 18-role course at the Berjaya Tioman Beach Resortwhich is open to the public. Equipment rental is available and buggy use obligatory. Plus there are the rather unique obstacles of monitor lizards lounging on the fairway to contend with. Green fees are RM85 during the week and RM110 at the weekend. Club rental RM50, buggy RM65.


Enjoy the Marine Wealth

Tioman Island Malaysia is really a treasure trove with several marine attractions such as seashells, corals, sea urchins, starfish, seaweeds, sea anemones, and other aquatic phenomena.



You can hire a boat for one day and anchor it away from the Marine Park area, where fishing is allowed. By sunset, you have to catch a fish to enjoy a barbecue on the beach. You can also try out deep-sea fishing, if you would like to become adventurous.


Water Sport

Some of the water sports that can be enjoyed by the visitors are deep-sea fishing, boating, water skiing, boating, windsurfing, etc.



Tioman Island is a place where you can enjoy macro underwater photography and night diving. Some of the popular diving sites in Pulau Tioman Malaysia are Tiger Reef, Soyak Island, Fan Canyon spot, Salang Bay, Renggis, Marine Park, Chebeh, Teluk Kador, Malang rocks, Roger’s Reef, etc.


Rock Climbing

The mountainous interior of Pulau Tioman has many unexplored rockfaces which can be tackled by climbing enthusiasts. Juara is the place to head to find guides, with the twin peaks of Gunung Nenek Semukut an exhilarating experience. But this is reserved only for the most experienced climbers in Tioman and only a few dozen people have ever managed it in recent years. 



Most of the duty-free shops can be found in Tekek and mostly stock alcohol and cigarettes at duty free prices (no perfumes or chocolates). Every village has one or two souvenir and convenience stores and some of the resorts have their own small convenience store stocking T-shirts, sunscreen, batteries and other essentials.


Sunset Corner

The last spot before the stairs leading south, Sunset serves beer, booze, milkshakes and pizza. The wildly popular happy hour is from 5pm to 7pm.


Trek to the Waterfalls & Visit the local fishing village of Kampung Mukut

Take a nice trek to the splendid Asah Waterfalls. A 2 hour walk along the coastline through an idyllic fishing village of Kampung Mukut will let you meet the local villagers where they may just invite you to taste some local fruits or wild honey from the bees. Mukut will give you a look into local life in the Tioman villages. If tradisional Malay life is what you are after, Mukut is very much worth a visit.

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